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In today’s society websites are an essential tool for communication.  From large cooperation to small mom-and-pop establishments, websites provide information about your organization to the world.  Real Nice Sites works hard to provide a great web presence for its clients and we look forward to serving you.  


One of the first things to do to get started is to determine some options for your domain name.  A few rules of thumb for selecting a domain name are as follows:

In simple, select a name that makes sense.  Remember, many names are already taken, so make a list of names that interest you and have your representative with Real Nice Sites do the research for you to see which are available.


Websites are designed with a target audience in mind. When thinking about your site, give consideration to the audience you would like to target.  For example for a business website, the customer would be the target audience; for a church the members would be the target audience; for a school the students or the parents would be the target audience.  


Review other industry specific websites.  Identify what you like and what you do not like.  Make notes of the domain name and some details.


Decide from a broad stroke what information you would like to include on your website.  What pages would you like to see on your site? Examples include: Home, About Us, History, Products, Services, Contact Us, etc.  Remember that most basic sites include about six pages although you are not limited to page restrictions.


It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  With that in mind, decide what pictures and graphics you would like included on your site.  What images will paint the picture that you would like portrayed to your clients?


Contact us and allow one of our website design professionals to walk you through the process.  It’s simple and our hands-on approach helps to ensure that you will have a really nice Real Nice Site that will represent  you to your clients, site visitors and the world.


Once you have spoken with one of our representatives to start the process, click on the following link to take you into the Basic Website Worksheet to provide information to our designers about your site.

General Website Info  Worksheet